Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Running

The temperature hit 22 Degrees in Toronto on Monday.  And just like that winter is over!  

It's Spring in TO and the running is good.  Time to throw off the layers of winter gear, ditch the toque and the gloves and in the process loosing what feels like kilograms of weight. 

It's been stop-and-go running for me this past six months and I'm happy to have winter behind me. From my run/walk race experiences at the Toronto 15K in September and the Reggae Marathon 10K in December, my running has matched the weather:  Up and down...good one day, terrible the next.  There's been no rhythm at all.  Over the same time I've been tested up one side and down the other.  We've eliminated the big bad issues thankfully and have narrowed it down to being a problem with my oxygen conversion.  We're now moving ahead to find the root cause...more testing of course but hopefully by the time summer starts we'll have the breathing issue that has affected my running enjoyment sorted out.  In the meantime I'm still running, although significantly more slowly.

The upside though is that it is Spring in Toronto...time to go for a run!

Until next time...

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