Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The secret to running fast

The secret to running fast is..Jamaican cooking.  We've all heard the Jamaican folklore about the source of Usain Bolt's speed:  Roast Yam!  It's true!  At least it is for my running friend Dan Cumming.  He has a 'many generations ago' connection to Jamaica and a more recent one when he visited Jamaica 40ish years ago and 'ate local'.  He's a pretty good distance runner and that's an understatement!  It must be the Jamaican cooking!

In a cooking frenzy recently, Dan prepared the following mouth-watering Jamaican dishes. Since he lives in White Rock, British Columbia, finding all the ingredients was a bit of a challenge he noted. Two days of preparation and cooking followed...and the results:

Roast Jerk Yam.  I love roast yam.  I remember it from road trips around Jamaica as a kid.  Country vendors roasted who yams over open charcoal fires and served them fresh.  Doing it up jerk-style is a nice twist.
Pumpkin Soup.  I love a nice, thick vegetable soup, especially this time of year in Canada when it can be cold and dreary outside.  This will warm you up for sure.
Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork.  My two favourite words when it comes to Jamaican cooking.  Jerk Pork in particular brings back memories of road-side Jerk Pits in and around Port Antonio.
Beef Patties.  I've never tried to make beef patties at home.  Truthfully we have a couple of Jamaican patty places in Toronto who make really good patties.  Nice going Dan!
Stamp and Go.  Dan, Al and I had some Stamp and Go last December in Negril.  Delicious then...sure these were tasty too.
Curry Goat.  While I'm not a super fan of goat, seeing Dan's creation in the photo above pushed my taste buds into high gear.

So...the secret to running fast is to regularly eat all the above.  Dan, all we need now are the recipees..

Until next time...

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