Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Running around in circles

My running routes are almost always circular.  Or rectangular loops if you want to be accurate tehnically.  As I tell Sally, I always end up back where I started.

But there is an oval I enjoy running around and that's the 400 metre track at the local high school, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.  It's red clay and has seen better days but for speed workouts, it works well.  I'm usually there very early in the morning and generally have the place to myself.  With a number of highrise apartment buildings overlooking the track, I'm sure I put on a show for some early risers.

So...if I run 4 laps, 1,600 meters in 8 and 1/2 minutes, what's my mile time?  Help!  I used to be good at converting that but my head hurts now when I think about it.  I guess I could use my MapMyRun app...Duh!

After that warmup mile-ish, I like to focus on my speed.  I run the straights as fast as I can and job/walk the curves.  Generally I go for a mile with these multiple sprint repeats for a total of 8 sprints.  It takes it out of me for sure but it feels great to think I'm flying down the straight like the great Usain Bolt.  OK, fantasy for sure...must be the Jamaican blood.

It's about another mile back home so all-in-all it's a 4 mile workout when I head to the track.  

Until next time...

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