Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dan's 198 mile weekend run

"We were a finely oiled machine, except that one little problem of a van getting lost, but we sitll finished 26/97 in our category and 426 OA (out of about 1000 - they usually have a handful more, but haven't seen the real number yet.) Way to go Canucks to the Coast!"

That's how my good friend Dan Cumming summed up his weekend running this past weekend.  198 miles actually.  And trusting by his Facebook updates, he 'got er dun'.  And that is awe inspiring for this gimpy runner (me) still hobbling with a nagging broken toe!

Dan and a team of runners participated in the 198 mile Hood to Coast Relay Race.  It starts at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, about 60 miles south east of Portland, Oregon and finishes at Seaside on the Oregon coast.  Like another race that Dan loves, Reggae Marathon, it's a beach finish...I'm sure Dan took a dip in the Pacific after.  Even in high summer it's got to have been a little cooler than the Caribbean in Negril in December.  
Dan is a planner and he handles all the logistics for the Hood to Coast Team.  If you'll be in Negril this December for Reggae Marathon, you'll have the pleasure of hearing his Hood to Coast stories.  I can't wait!
It's not Negril but this is a pretty gorgeous beach to finish a 198 mile race on. Envious as hell. I'm looking for something to commemorate turning 60 in 2018. Dan...hmmmm....??

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