Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Running for pleasure

I enjoy running for pleasure, as crazy as that sounds to a non-runner. 

I was reminded of that last week after a conversation with a non-runner who just couldn't get past the best thing I enjoy about running: Just running.  I was challenged to explain how I found pleasure in the repetitive act of running.  I trotted out my usual explanations: The health benefits I've experienced after years of running...blood pressure, weight management, stress release.  I noted the friendships and shared experiences from running, especially the Reggae Marathon experience I look forward to each year. I almost ventured into my planned 100km run in 2018 but that would have caused his head to explode. Nothing broke through.  He was simply unable to understand or appreciate how someone could go running for pleasure.  And that's when it came to me.  

"Don't work so hard".  "Lower your expectations". "What if you fail?" 

And what if I do fail?  If it wasn't fatal, it wasn't a failure.  Getting back up, licking the wounded pride and moving on again...that's the real pleasure I get from running.

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