Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Perfect weather for a run in the park

This Saturday, April 9 the forecast calls for minus degree temperatures for the Spring Run Off 8K in High Park.  For me, those are perfect conditions for a run in the park!
Yes it's going to be a little challenging staying warm waiting for the race to start.  And yes it means moving quickly after the finish to change into dry gear.  But I much prefer the cooler temperatures for racing.  Especially this early in the year and especially after the week of crazy weather we've endured in Toronto.  

For fun I'm using MapMyRun on my Samsung phone this weekend and will enable live tracking.  So if all goes well with the technology it should push updates...maybe even live tracking...out to my Facebook and Twitter channels.  If I'm slogging you'll get to see every sorry footstep;  If I'm flying like the wind you'll get to see that as well.  In either case, I'm pretty pumped about this first race of 2016!

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