Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pitter patter...Let's go racing!

Pitter, patter, let's get at 'er...Hamstring injury a fading memory...I'm rnning again.  I couldn't stand not runnig especially now that spring is in the air in Toronto.  OK -3C on Sunday morning for the first official day of Spring maybe stretching it a bit, but soon we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity...I can hardly wait.

To celebrate spring and running, I did something this past weekend that I haven't done in years:  I signed up for three spring races!  All at my favourite running distance, 10K.  And all of them in Toronto.  I know Half Marathons are still all the rage, but thankfully enough of us who cut our running and racing teeth on 10K's back in the day still enjoy the distance.

First up is the 8 K Spring Run Off in High Park on April 9.  The 8K runs a couple of loops on the paved roads around and through High Park.  It's famous for 'The Hill', a long, steep incline that we'll run up a couple of times, the second time as we approach the finish. I've run this hill before but never in a race...this will be my first time and I'm a little apprehensive. But hey it's only 8K...how tough can it be?

Next up is the Sporting Life 10K on May 8, Mother's Day.  It's an early morning start, downhill all the way which will allow me the opportunity to set a Personal Best, and make it to Orangeville to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom.
Got my priorities right don't I!  I've run this race before and it's a thrill to run basically straight down Yonge Stree through the heart of the city of Toronto.  The crowds are hugh!  Even at my slightly below one hour planned finish time, I'll be running in a crowd the entire time.  It makes for a slightly challenging 'sprint to the finish' but it's great atmosphere and I'm looking forward to my second outing.

And even though it will be officially summer by then, my third and final 10K of the 'Spring' is the Toronto Waterfront 10K on June 25.  It starts on University Avenue and has a little downhill to Lakeshore Blvd where it runs flat out along Lakeshore West before looping back for a finish south of the CNE.  I wanted to run this last year missed the date totally.  I've got my confirmation this year and am looking forward to it for a very special reason:  Back in the day when I was doing 10K's regularly, I set my all-time best 10K time on a course that was very similar to this.  Will history repeat?

Until next time...

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