Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Running to death

Running is not normally an extreme sport. But running does put stress and strain on the human body. Experience teaches us to monitor how and what's going on with our bodies as we train and race. Ignoring the warning signs leads to trouble.  I experienced severe system trauma on one training run a few years ago when I was training.

On a long run on a cool day I made the mistake of only taking electrolyte replacement fluid with me. I was OK for the first two hours but during the third and final hour of the run my system became totally overloaded with potassium and other minerals.  I had to slow dow and walk to finish.  Once home though, I experienced massive cramping in my legs along with shivering and shaking.  It's the only time I've ever been scared! Fortunately I recovered completely but it was a wake up call.

The chart below has a pretty scary title.  What's informative and useful though is the information on the right side of the chart that details what goes on during a marathon:

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