Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't raise fat kids

I was a fat kid.  Second helpings and even third helpings at dinner time were normal.  And the food...oh what marvelous food:  Fried chicken, juicy ham, bacon and eggs, fried fish, fried banana and plantain, Johnny Dakes and Festival, Patties.  Pretty much everything fried in oil.  Delicious!

And the quantity...did I mention that it was normal to have 'Seconds' and even 'Thirds'?

Combined with an almosttotally sedentary lifestyle up until my mid twenties, I had no trouble being a 'fatso'. Wore it with pride. I swam and played squash but nothing consistently enough to burn the calories from overeating and lack of activity.

The turning point came when my doctor asked me if I planned to take medication for impending High Blood Pressure like my Dad.  That did it.  Took up running; changed my diet...enough anyway to drop weight not have to take medication.  Since then I've been pretty aggressive in promoting physical activity from an early age.  I guess I've been pretty successful:  All the boys are still active in baseball, basketball and even running!

Don't raise fat kids!

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