Monday, September 14, 2015

The Optimal Running Form

A lot of has been written about the optimal running form.  I began as a heel striker and ran that way for many, many years.  25 years into running I made the switch to forefoot running.  Forefoot running is not my ideal running form as I learned too late.  Plus I made the switch too quickly.  The result:  3 years of injuries including broken bones in my right foot...twice!

So what's the optimal running form?  Midfoot landing.  And no it's not a compromise between forefoot and heel strike.  If you believe the science behind it, it does make sense as the optimal running form for human runners  

I've been running with the midfoot landing running form since early this year and have enjoyed some physical benefits:
  • No injuries.  Touch wood...
  • Less pain.  I can do a hard track or hill workout one day and still run smoothly and comfortably the next day
  • I run faster.  I'm back to low 8 minutes per mile pace
  • My knees feel absolutely fine after any length run
I can't stress this enough:  I'm running without injuries.  

The physcological benefits?  Really only one for me:  I feel like a real runner!

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