Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Abs Deuce 2

I'll take 2 please
I thought I saw 2 this morning.  Abs that is.

I'm impressed with how well they're fighting to be uncovered from under these layers of 'tummy fat'.  I'm working hard to set them free with higher intensity workouts, Planks and if I get the energy, Boot Camp.  Everyonce in a while I slip though and overconsume at meals, dip into salty snacks and more beers than I should.  They don't like that and withdraw quickly after one of my binges.  I feel guilty making them work so hard but they've had over 50 years of slacking so I don't feel too bad for them.

There is an upside.  The biggest benefit from focusing on strengthening my abdominal muscles has been my breathing.  I'm able to run harder and faster and recover more quickly while still running at a good clip.  Heck, last week I broke an 8 minute mile for the first time in years!  That felt really good.

So Larry...look out.  I'm determined not to come in second in our two person Ab Competition when we meet up in Negril for Reggae Marathon.

Until next time...

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