Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yoga poses to make you a better runner

When I first began running I simply got up, pulled on my running gear and headed out the door.  No stretching, no warm up just out and into the fastest pace I could muster.  I didn't know anything about technique and over trial-and-error...and some injuries...became a pretty good runner.  Well, I run every day!

Fast-forward to my current state as a 'Seasoned Runner', a great phrase coined by my good friend, Dan Cumming (Running in the Zone) and it's not so simple.  It takes me a good hour in the morning now to get my engine revving.  I've started to do some pre-run stretching and I start off slowly as I ease into an early morning run.

I love running and want to continue for many more years.  I've started to pay attention to non-running physical activities that will help make me a better runner...and reduce injuries.  Viola:  Yoga for Runners:

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