Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pushing the Pumas

I had planned to replace these well worn Puma running shoes a few months ago.  With focus and determination I went shopping at my local running store.  I tried on a few pairs, ran up and down in the store and decided not to buy a new pair.  I may be tempting fate but these Pumas feel even better now that they are so well worn.  Is it possible that I have hit the sweet spot with them?
For sure they look great!  You know sometimes you look at a pair of running shoes and they just look plain ugly!  Not these.  They have the right level of detail and colour coordination that gives them that 'just right' look.  I know that form is supposed to follow function...it's nice when form equals function.

Sally says I'm thinking and talking about this particular pair of running shoes way too much.  Given the amount of miles they've gone, she won't let them into the Apartment.  She barely lets me keep them on the balcony.  Yes they do have a high odour.  I call it character...she calls it stinky!

Yes I've pushed these Pumas past their best-before date and I know one day soon I'll have gone one run too many.  But till then, I'll keep on running.

Until next time...

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