Sunday, June 28, 2015

Over the Wall

"Your job is to develop and execute Local Marketing programs that the Store Managers will endorse and support".  That was my job description as Field Account Executive on the Speedy Muffler King Account.  And with that I was "Over the Wall" and running on my career in Advertising:
  • Automobile Marketing:  Brand and Retail;  Local Marketing
  • Automotive Service:  Regional and Local Marketing
  • Franchise Operations:  Store Operations, Product, Brand and Local Marketing
  • Digital Marketing:  Digital Strategy, Web, Social Media Marketing
The word 'embedded' was not in current use then but that's how I was briefed on my first day. I had to understand how each store operated so that the marketing and promotion plans could be executed in-store without slowing down the operation of the store.  Trying to sell-in a program to Senior Executives without that basic understanding was a sure recipe for disaster.  We didn't do that often.  

From that briefing, I basically moved into my Client's offices attending Marketing and Operational meetings.  I headed out to visit stores in my teritorry with the Regional Operations Groups.  We travelled to every store spending time in each to learn the nuances of the local market.  Then back in the office I worked with Media, Creative and Production to develop specific marketing programs for each store.

Success:  Local Promotion executed in Winnipeg that increased same-store sales by 7% during the promotion period.

I built on the lessons learned on the Speedy Muffler King Franchise business when I moved to Cossette Communication Marketing to work on the Passport International Automobiles Account. Passport was the Canadian experiment set up by General Motors of Canada on how to reach Import-intending consumers...30% of Canadian consumers who were per-disposed to considering and purchasing Imports.  (Note:  Cossette was responsible for transitioning Passport into Saturn when GM brought that brandto Canada). These were greenfield Dealerships set up to sell cars and trucks from Isuzu of Japan and Daewoo from Korea.  At Cossette we were responsible for all Marketing and attended and participated with the Passport Operations team very closely.  

My job was to set up and manage the local Dealer plans as well as the Regional Dealer Association Marketing.  I was responsible for calculating the Local and Regional Advertising Budgets (percentage of the sale price of each vehicle), developing the Local Marketing and the Regional Dealer Association Advertising.  I met with each Dealer learning how each Department worked and contributed to overall revenue and profit:  New Vehicle Sales, Used Sales, Service, Parts, Business Office (Warranty) and Finance. I met with local media and combined that learning with Local market dynamics and then developed the Local Marketing plans that were endorsed by the Dealer and his/her team.

Success:  Year-end Clearout Program that ended ahead of schedule allowing for an early launch of new models.

At Dairy Queen Resturants of Canada, first as Regional Marketing Manager then as Director of Marketing, I learned how the Franchise Business works.  A pre-condition of my job was to attend the 3 week New Franchisee Store Operation Training at Head Office in Minneapolis.  And I had to pass the program!  This program was a comprehensive Operation Training Program in which we learned everything about how to operate a Dairy Queen Store:  Hiring and Training Staff, Financial (Business and Operating Budget), Marketing.  There were daily classroom sessions and exams and in-store training where we worked at every station in a typical Dairy Queen store.  

I learned how a Marketing program impacted the operation of a store.  If a program slowed down the speed-of-service it was doomed to failure.  

Marketing at Dairy Queen worked closely with the Operation Team.  I attended all Corporate Management Meetings and led and ran the National Canadian Advertising and Marketing Program (CAMP).  I was responsible for National, Regional and Local Marketing and Advertising Budgets and Programs.

Success:  TV Hamburger Promotion that increased Food sales in traditional soft-serve markets by 6% - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cheeseburger
MacLaren McCann was responsible for all General Motors Brands and the GM Dealers of Ontario. As Group Account Director I was responsible for all Budgets and Marketing Programs for the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Pontiac and Cadillac Dealer Associations.  My job required me to understand the sales objectives of each model nameplate for all markets and Dealers in Ontario and develop Retail Advertising and Promotions that would help 'Move the Metal'.  

To get the job done I attended all the Sales and Operational Meetings at the Ontario Zone (the Sales Arm of GM) to understand the Sales goals and objectives. I met with all the Dealers individually to understand the challenges in each market.   Then I worked with Agency Media, Promotions, Events and Creative Teams to develop specific Advertising.

Success:  First successful Cross-promotion with Walt Disney World to sell past-model vans. Sales increased 6% without need for deeper discounts.

For the last 9 years I've been actively involved in Digital Marketing, particularly Social Media Marketing.  At Entrinsic as Group Account Director I was responsible for the Social Media Marketing Strategy for their Business and Home Owner Business Units.  I attended their Operation meetings to learn the business:  How Mortgage rates and Business Service Fees were calculated and what were the key trigger points that consumers looked for.

Success:  SmartSteps for Homeowners Online Community that increased awareness of BMO Mortgage Brokers and was a key driver in increasing higher-value Mortgage business

For Reggae Marathon, the premier Road Race Event held in Negril, Jamaica every December, I handle all Social Media Marketing:  Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  

While there are other road races in Jamaica, Reggae Marathon is the only event that attracts runners from other countries. Thus our efforts support the goals of the Jamaica Tourist Board in Marketing Jamaica abroad.  

Reggae Marathon is also seen as a premium event for promoting the growing tourism trend of Sports Tourism.

Success:  Reggae Marathon's Social Media Marketing has resulted in year-over-year registration growth while reducing paid media spending.


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