Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wave or don't wave

When you are out running do you wave at another runner?  That question crossed my mind recently. I was out for my regular early morning run and about half way through as I rounded a corner I noticed another runner heading toward me.  He was about my age and seemed to be running at about my pace.  I was on the right side of the sidewalk and he was on the left so there was no issue of collision.  As we got closer, I raised my hand in acknowledgement expecting a response.  He just ran by.  No acknowledgement...nothing.  I could have been a ghost.  And that got me thinking:  What's the appropriate way to acknowledge a fellow runner?  Wave or don't wave?

This may have been an isolated incident.  The vast majority of runners I encounter give some form of acknowledgement:  a wave, nod of the head or even a grunted 'Morning'.  It feels good to give the acknowledgement and even better to get it.  Kindred soles and all that.  When I didn't get a response, I felt snubbed.  Had I done something to offend him?

Maybe he was totally focused on some aspect of intense training.  I know when I'm running hill repeats I am absorbed by form and breathing.  While gasping for air toward the top of a hill I don't have the energy to wave.

It could have been that he was zoned out listening to his music.  He had headphones on so could have been lost in a favourite running tune.

Maybe I pissed him off with my speed and agility....nah, couldn't have been that.

This was probably that one in a million runner who prefers to stay totally in their zone while running. I understand that and respect him if that's the case.  It won't change my habit of waving to other runners though.  It makes me feel good.

Until next time...

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