Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Running to the Sunrise

I love watching the sun rise.  Especially when I'm running.

I've been running in the early morning so long now that it seems like the most natural thing to do.  It's been challenging getting in early morning runs in Toronto this winter though:
  • Cold.  Absolutely ridiculous cold temperatures and wind chill values took a lot of the fun out or running for much of January and February.  Oh I went out on that -43 C morning to say I did it but it wasn't fun.  You can imagine what Sally said about that!
  • Icy sidewalks.  Ugly Shoes helped a lot but nothing grips on ice.  And trying to avoid the ice patches in the dark was NOT fun!
  • Snow.  Then on those mornings when it wasn't too cold, it snowed.  Enough to make the running feel like running on sand.  At least that's what I told myself when I went out.
'One Love' kept me going.  That's the Bob Marley song that's played at the start of Reggae Marathon where we start at 5:15 am in the pitch black.  We run in the dark for about 45 minutes before the sun gently rises.  Here it is about to break the horizon over the Negril River:

And every once in a while when I needed a more intense boost, I replayed the Reggae Marathon Video:

Yeah, running to the sunrise is my thing.

Until next time...

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