Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Running saved my life

Running saved my life.  More times than I care to remember.  Through life's highs and lows, running has been the one thing that has helped me out of the valley's.  

Since turning 50, I've had some wild swings in my career that have led to some stressful times.  First was the age itself.  I was in a funk for two full years.  At 49 I spent a wasted year dreading the 50th birthday itself.  Then for the year after I couldn't even say the number out loud.  

In my chosen profession of Marketing I felt old when I turned 50.  I tried everything to ignore it:  dyed my hair and wore clothes that were way too young for me. Heck, I even ran away:  Sold the house in Mississauga and moved to Wasaga Beach for 6 years!  What??? Let me tell you from personal experience, you can't ever run away!

I did some stupid things in my running as well starting with trying to change my running style to barefoot/mid-foot minimalist running.  The resulting injuries included Plantar Fasciitis and broken foot bones...twice!  7 years later I'm still paying for that misstep!  

Like the Osterich, I've spent a great deal of time and energy trying to ignore reality.

Through it all I've kept running.  That has been the one constant.  Good days or bad, if I got out for a run somehow that always helped me feel better.  

Along the way I've met some people who have kept me going:  My running pals who I meet up with every December in Negril for Reggae Marathon!  They have seen me at my lowest when I had to walk the 10K; they've run with me when I was slogging; they've all been there at the end to celebrate another finish.  Thank you!

So I turn 57 in a couple of weeks.  I feel good about saying that out loud.  I like the sound of it.  I even like the grey hair!  I heard a great description for men my age and stage: 'Arctcic Wolf'. That appeals to me.  Hmmm...maybe 'ThatRunninGuy' is about to undergo a name change...

Running has saved my life in the past.  It's keeping me going now. Until next time...

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