Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another freaking injury?


2015 has been challenging so far.  From the Toothache that stopped the running followed by a head cold through running in sub-zero arctic conditions, running consistently has been impossible.  Now a pain in my leg...literally...has slowed me down once again.  A muscle pull near my hip if you must know (Strained Quad).

I can hear you now:  Maybe it't time to give up running, Chris!  I know that's what Sally is thinking...I know her look!

But despite this latest setback, that's not an option for me.  I've thought about taking up swimming and although I'm pretty good at swimming, I find swimming laps mind numbing.  Plus, getting undressed to swim in a pool in the dead of winter is simply a 'Shudderrrrrr...!'

I could go riding.  We have a bike lane right outside our building that connects to some great trails. Hmmmm...Riding a bike outside in the winter!  Ice and snow, oh and CARS takes all the fun out of bicycle riding in Toronto.  

I could hit the gym.  Not!  Treadmills and Eliptical trainers are at the same level as swimming for me. OK, if I watch the TV or listen to music through headphones it is a little more interesting but still not enough to get me to go to the bother of going out to the gym.  

Ahhh I can here you thinking...how about walking.  It's not a bad idea but I'm still a running snob and still want to be called a 'Runner'.  I have gone out for some walks since this leg injury and while I have enjoyed them, when I see a runner I get depressed.

The good news though is that I've been working on my core with simple exercises I can do at home. And even though my friend Larry says that without cardio exercise and reduced intake all I'll have is 'A 6-pack under a layer of fat' I'm working on showing him up in Negril this December.  Maybe we'll have a competition to see who has the better abs!

Until next time...

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