Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An apple a day makes me...Apple Shaped!

Apple Shaped. Ugh!

Unfortunately I have a body image problem.  And it's Apple Shaped.  It seems that as I close in on 60...OK, still 3 years years away...things have started to shall we say, 'Settle'.  I haven't gained any weight and the waist size is still hovering around 36" but there is a lot of stuff flopping around my waist.  I love eating apples and have one as a snack every day at work.  I just don't like apples when it comes to describing my body.  Time to take action!

I've started working my middle and upper body with at-home exercises.  I don't like lifting weights or 'hitting the gym' so anything else is preferable.  I found these exercise routines and have been easing into them over the past few weeks.  It doesn't hurt that it's been bitterly cold here in Toronto so working out inside has been easier to get into:  24 Fat-burning Ab Exercises.

Here's hoping that the next time you see me topless, no fruit will be involved.

Until next time...

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