Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Guide to Runners Christmas Presents

As a runner I prefer to buy my own running gear so I get excited about running store Gift Certificates (Hint, hint :)).  Specifically I'll be looking for a second pair of running shoes to alternate with my current pair.  Something I can beat up over the winter months.  I may also look out for another pair of long running tights if I see something on sale at our local outlet running sale. Other than that though I have everything I need.  However in the interest of helping my fellow runners I've put this list together of 10 gift items that every runner would be pleased to receive this Christmas:

  1. Timex Ironman Running Watch.  The 'Big Face' one.  My first Timex running watch really took a licking...over 20 years worth and only got 'retired' last year when I got a very nice new Timex.
  2. Running Toque.  A runner in northern winter climates can never have enough running toques. Fleece ones in solid black please...Black is the Old/New Black!  It goes with everything.
  3. Running Shell.  I prefer solid colours and with lots of 360 degree reflection since I mostly run pre-dawn and need maximum visibility.
  4. Running socks.  Again, a runner can't have enough pairs.  I prefer low cut running socks that come up to my ankles but this is a personal preference.
  5. Road ID.  This should be top-of-the list for all runners.  I don't carry ID when I go running. Dumb!  Maybe I'll get Road ID before Christmas...
  6. Water bottle belt.  I especially like the ones with the holders for smaller bottles.  On longer runs I used to use a Camelback system but that is truly overkill for my shorter runs now.
  7. Gift Certificates to a Running Store.  Oh, did I mention that already...can't go wrong here.
  8. Paid up Race Registration.  This one involves your spouse of course but if I received a paid registration for a 2015 race I'm eager to run in well that would be special.
  9. Running Magazine subscription.  Getting a running magazine monthly is a look-forward-to gift.  There are some fine Canadian running magazines and the big ones from the US to choose from.  But act now...
  10. Drying rack.  Something compact and designed specifically for running.  With lots or space to lay out my wet gear versus just hanging.  Preferably in a non-rust metal and definitely NOT wood.  
That should make shopping for your runner simple this Christmas.  You can thank me later.

Until next time...

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