Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10K: The Perfect Race Distance

The running world has gone crazy over the past years over running longer and longer distances. Above 42.2 K, these are called 'Ultras'.  Regularly now you can read about races at a number of extreme distances:  50K, 50 Miles, 100K!

For a lot of these runners...myself included...the book, 'Born to Run' introduced us to extreme running with the legendary Cabalo Blanco and the Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon's of Mexico. These runners could run all day through torturous terrain wearing basically leather thong sandals and eating very, very little.  Much was made of the 'Midfoot Running Style' which went against the 'Heel Strike' that most of us runners followed.

But I digress...

Ultra Runners are CRAZY!  And they are ruining running!! I have no difficulty explaining to Sally that I'm going out for a run.  She figures on about an hour (about 10K for me at a relaxed pace) and that I'll be fairly close to home should I get in trouble.  Heck, she even understands the Half Marathon...a couple of hours or so.  She gets more concerned and less interested in the Marathon. She came along to Reggae Marathon when I ran my one and only Full Marathon, and for that I'll be forever grateful but it was an equally grueling experience for her baking in the sun waiting for me to finish.  Ultras?  Not a topic of discussion in our home!

And that's the challenge:  It's relatively easy to talk to a non-runner about running up to about an hour, the 10K.  Beyond that their attention span fades and their eyes glaze over.  That dis-interest grows exponentially the longer the distance and ventures into hostile territory.

So I say, "Stop the Madness!"  Bring backthe 10K.  Let's get back to civilized running.  A great 10K? Reggae Marathon 10K...now that is both the perfect race distance and warm location!

Long live the 10K!

Until next time...

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