Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who was that Masked Runner?

At 5:30 am in the morning hearing this Masked Runner pounding up behind you could be a little disconcerting.  Fortunately I rarely see any non-runners out on super-cold winter mornings at that hour.

I knew winter was coming.  And especially the frigid 'well-below-freezing' wind chills. But I still wasn't ready for the arctic blast that hit Toronto last week.  One day clear conditions with temperatures hovering around freezing, the next day a couple of inches of snow but absolutely bone chilling minus double digit temperatures.  It was definitely time to break out the deep winter running gear...and add 10 minutes to my run just to get ready.  Dressing for cold weather running is certainly a chore and having a place to hang the sweaty post-race gear is a major challenge in our apartment.  Just ask Sally!  Here's my routine (non-runners stop reading now):
  • I start with socks from my downhill skiing days.  They are fairly thin but provide superior warmth and comfort.  Plus they cover my ankles completely which really matters running though deep snow.
  • Next up is my base layer.  I'm particularly fond of the Kombi poly base layer top and bottom. Really thin, super comfortable and un-restrictive leg movements.  
  • I've always liked running in tights so for the winter I have a full-length winter-weight tight. Around freezing I can wear them by themselves but around -10 degrees Celsius I pull them on over the base layer.  
  • For my top, I have an old ski fleece top with a full zipper that goes over the base layer.  I like this because it is fitted.  Not much bulk to worry about. I top it off with a wind shell with lots or 360 reflection.
  • On cold days I just wear a heavy poly toque but at the super frigid temps I have a full-head balaclava that goes on first.  Ahh...the Balaclava...the Masked Runner! Not particularly attractive but totally effective in keeping my head and neck protected from the wind.
So if I wanted to scare someone...just kidding!

Until next time...

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