Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toronto Waterfront Trail Running

At the foot of Park Lawn Road in Etobicoke where the Mimico Creek dumps into Lake Ontario is Humber Bay Park.  As you're driving east into Downtown Toronto you can't miss it:  It's where the old Nabisco Bakery and Cookie Factory used to be.

While the area around it has seen the massive infill of highrise condos, there's a gem of a park just south of the Lakeshore (that's the Green Area in the Map below).  There's some great running to be had here...Woodlands, wetlands and Lake views contrast with the wall of condos.  It's nice to know that there are still some nice waterfront trails to run along even as we pave paradise.

Mostly unpaved, hard packed and well groomed trails are laid out through Humber Bay Park West.  The loops through this section of the park reveal great vistas around every corner.

This is one of them.  That's Lake Ontario up ahead...the trail hugs the shoreline for a few hundred metres before turning back around the small ponds and natural wetland areas that make up the park.

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