Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Running through my mind this Father's Day

I've always tried not to think about anything while running.  Running for me has been as much mental as physical:  great workout physically and a great stress reliever mentally.  It's why I've rarely listened to music through headphones.  Plus I'm a little paranoid:  I want to hear the bad guys...or vehicles...approaching.  But I digress.

One of the things that ran through my mind this morning was Father's Day that we celebrated this past Sunday.  I was blessed with a great Dad.  Oh he was far from perfect ... I can still remember him yelling at me for now being able to find a hammer when I was 12!  And if I told you about the antics at the regular weekend beach picnics or house parties in Jamaica, you wouldn't believe me!  Over the course of his time with me he did manage to share some life lessons that I have tried hard to live to:
  1. Never do business with someone unless you have met them first, shaken their hand and looked into their eyes.  This is even more important since the Internet where we hide behind Facebook and email.
  2. Live life to the fullest and always with a smile.  He was an optimist rarely without a story or a smile.
  3. Be honest in everything you do. You knew where you stood with him at all times...he was transparent.
  4. Walk with a spring in your step.  He never dragged his feet.
  5. Always keep moving.  I was very young when he shared this nugget so it did not relate to my running but it does apply to running.
I thought about Dad's advice as I ran this morning.  Particularly in context of being a father myself and still in the afterglow of spending Sunday afternoon with the Boys and Sally on Father's Day.

As I stumbled through life working and raising a family had I been able to impart as much simple wisdom? Had I let my life challenges get in the way of raising a family?  As my Grandmother would have asked, "Had I raised good kids?".  I think so...I hope so!  As I neared the end of my run I realized what I have tried to do as a Parent:  Impart on them the wisdom of my Father.  

Dad got to see me compete once.  It was a Triathalon event near Fergus.  In the jostling crowd before the start of the Swim I couldn't see him or Mum in the spectator crowd but just before I dashed into the water I heard him shout out in his distinctive voice, "Chris".  I had a great race that day!

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