Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photos from my last run

No I didn't mean it was my 'last run'ever.  I meant from the last time I ran...drat, that's not much better.  OK, try this, 'these are photos I stopped to shoot while out for a run this past weekend'.  As I've gotten back to running after the most recent foot injury I seem to have embraced keeping my head up and taking in the scenery.  I'm not such a maniac to hammer through it.  Hmmmm...maybe this old dog can learn a few new tricks.  Anyway, enjoy as I did.

This is the bridge that crosses over the Humber River at Old Mill.  It's famous...notorious even...for being almost completely covered when Hurricane Hazel pummeled Southern Ontario years ago. 
This is just a little upstream from the Bridge.  It's hard to imagine that this peaceful scene was a torrent of raging water during Hurricane Hazel.  
Somebody got a little creative and set up these rocks in the middle of the Humber River.  While I stopped to take this photo I overheard a youngster ask his Dan, "Did the Spacemen put that there Dad?".  

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