Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's Missing in Digital Marketing

Analytics, Mobile, Content Marketing, Social Media, eMail Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation...these are the top skills that are missing in Digital Marketing in large companies. This talent gap is driven by two things:  Lack of previous work experience and the fight to attract and retain top talent.  In Toronto an employment market driven by the Financial Services Industry (Banking, Investing, Insurance, Wealth Management) the situation is even more acute:  
Full time jobs take too long to fill and in many cases remain unfilled.  

Long-term, the Colleges and Universities are turning out talent better aligned to the business and marketing needs.  Short-term the competition for talent will continue.  Shameless plug for That Recruiting Guy:  I'm a Recruiter, Headhunter if you will, who understands the business needs, can identify the talent and can pull them out of their current positions.


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