Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A few of my favorite running shoes

These Puma Descendant running shoes aren't Puma's most famous model but they are getting me through this snowy and cold winter in Toronto.  They have a fairly neutral ride and promote the forefoot running style that I now favour.  What I really like though is the tread pattern that provides a lot of grip in the snow and on ice. That's been a savior this winter in Toronto!

These PureConnect Brooks running shoes are absolutely fabulous to run in. I picked up this bright orange pair late last fall and just love them.  Although I was slow in Reggae Marathon, they proved to be super comfortable.  They feel like 'Im not wearing any shoes at all'.  They have a particularly interesting outer tread that does take a few runs to get used to but then they are a smooth, neutral ride.  These have been languishing in the closet this winter and I can hardly wait to get back into them this spring.

These Asics took a lot of abuse last summer and fall.  Asics are known for a wide toe box and these shoes were definitely comfortable to run in.  A neutral ride that promoted forefoot running.  My only concern was that the outsole wore down fairly quickly.  I may have worn them too long though so that's not really a big complaint.
These Puma Faas 500's started my journey in forefoot/mid-foot running.  They look odd at first and are farily narrow but the running was simply superb.  Neutral ride with outsoles that seemed to wear forever.  Plus they seemed to get more comfortable as the miles piled up.  After Reggae Marathon in 2010 where I coordinated my tights and top to match the bright red colour of these Pumas, I ran directly into the ocean while wearing them.  Bad idea unfortunately...thankfully they were at the end of their life cycle.

What's next?  Brooks, Asics, Puma?  I dying to try a pair of the Puma Mobium running shoes.  They look to be super-responsive and the reviews have been great.  I've always had had success with both the Asics and Brooks models...wide toe-boxes that provide a comfortable ride especially in the summer.  Decisions, decisions...

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