Tuesday, October 1, 2013

40 Beats a Minute: Zen Baby, Zen!

Zen baby, Zen!
40 beats a minute.  That's my resting heart rate.  Less than 1 beat per second. 

"Thumpa...big pause...thumpa".

My Doctor was concerned so she sent me for a battery of heart tests...stress, electrocardiogram, ultrasound.  Her concluding diagnosis:  "40 beats per minute is abnormal...but it's your normal". Sally got a kick out of that notion that 'my normal is abnormal'. It may just explain my mellow state. It explains a lot.  And it got me thinking:  what else beats at 40 beats a minute.  To answer that of course I Googled it:
  • First up was this article, "My heart rate is 40 beats a minute, does this mean I'm in good shape?".  My favourite answer noted that only Sages and Monks had heart rates that low.  Hmmm...Sage...I quite like that!
  • In music, I am a 'Lento'.  That means music at a 'leisurely' 40 beats per minute.  One great example is this one from Charles Mingus, "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat".  Not so good to run to...ideal though for relaxing and meditating;  Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon...Zen!
  • And speaking of running, with the change to forefoot running, I'm up to just over 160 step rate...that's 4 x 40.  Don't you just love math.
  • Also at 40 beats are Hummingbirds.  Of course, they flap their wings at 40 beats per second!  
  • In cycling, the current theory is that the ideal cadence is 80 RPM:  2 times my resting heart rate
  • Driving in a school zone in Toronto:  40 Km/hr.  Hmmm...
  • And still on driving, my comfort speed is 120 kpm:  3 x 40.
  • This past year I celebrated the 15 anniversary of my 40th birthday.  OK, I didn't find that on Google...
I could continue but that would be beating a dead horse.  The bottom line is that I'm healthy, still running and enjoying every minute of it.

Zen baby...ZEN!

Until next time...

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