Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I stopped to take in the scenery on my last run

Every once in a while I stop running and take a few moments to take it all in.  Last Sunday morning on my long slow distance run was one of those moments.  I was near the end of my run anyway (about 1 mile from home).  And with my Samsung Galaxy Note with me (shameless product plug) I caught a few pictures plus the video below.

I took this photo from the trail on the east side of the Humber River just south of the Dundas Street Bridge.  For you history buffs, this is in an area originally called Lambton Mills and is about 2 miles north of Old Mill on Bloor Street.  For most of this part of the trail it's really hard to remember that I'm in the heart of Etobicoke with busy streets nearby.  And because I run very early in the morning, I generally have the trail all to myself.  Later in the day it gets very busy with walkers, runners and cyclists all sharing the trail very courteously.

But the video below really does better justice to the almost complete separation of city and country possible by running the Humber Trail.  I shot it at a small waterfall and the sound of the water rushing over the edge completely drowns out the sounds of the city.  The illusion is complete!

Over the years I've enjoyed running in just about every location I've visited or lived.  Most recently I enjoyed running along the beach in Wasaga Beach.  But now back in Toronto, it's tough to beat the magnificence of running along the Humber River.  It's enough to get me to stop long enough to take it all in!

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