Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stop Whining!

Thanks Ah-nold!  I needed that!!  Oh, and maybe, just maybe Sally might have mentioned the same thing...once or twice...OK, maybe a lot!  But I broke my foot! Waaaaaaa......

There...that feels much better!

I haven't run since I broke my foot last September. I've tried once or twice in the last few weeks but another injury sidelined me. In my desire to be a hero I walked 10K in Reggae Marathon in December.  It made for a nice story, I got to take some pictures while I was 'Walking' and I hit my goal of raising $2,000 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  Walking the 10 kilometres in Reggae Marathon likely contributed to the new injury so that's why I'm still whining.

"I haven't run since last September...!!"

If you don't run that won't make any sense to you.  If you run you feel my pain.  So what to do.

First, "Stop Whining!".  Easier said than done.  I've been running 30 years now.  Nearly everybody has said the same thing, "Maybe it's time to stop running". Might as well tell me to stop breathing.

But then it hit me:  Walking!  Duh!  I can't run but I can walk.  And yes I know the cliche, 'walk before you run'.  Flashback:  that's how I started running in the first place.  

So I promise, the whining is over!  Sally will be so happy to hear that.

Until next time...


I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  My planned races in 2013 include 
  1. The Sporting Life 10K, May 12
  2. The Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20
  3. The Reggae Marathon, December 7.  
Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

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