Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1st run of 2013 and since the Foot Injury!

Early morning Winter running in Toronto
I had my first run this past Sunday morning.  It felt great!  True confession:  I had been out running before Christmas but that was more walking and shuffling than real running.  This past Sunday I went out for a full 30 minutes of ... running!

I am of course an early morning runner.  I am up before dawn and generally run entirely in the dark.  If I see another person, it's usually a runner.  For sure the 5:15 am start of Reggae Marathon every December suits me.

One of the benefits of running so early in the morning is the quiet and serenity.  Few people are up and it feels like I own the neighbourhood.  The picture above is of one of the quiet residential streets I run along on one of my routes.

A serious downside though are early morning drivers. Most are not fully awake or are on their first coffee and are totally unprepared for a runner that early in the morning.   I've usually run in entirely black running gear.  Lots of reflective strips and patches of course but not the most visible in the dark.  I had a scare last Sunday that motivated me to buy some new gear and I know that motivated me to get through that first run comfortably.  I picked up the new top and tights from the Running Room Outlet Store on North Queen Street in Etobicoke.  They don't carry everything from their regular stores, and not all sizes are available but it's worth the trip:  top and tights for under $80 tax in! Retail for the two pieces is over $140 + tax!

On that first full run last Sunday I was taken back to my first runs 30 years ago. I wasn't running fast and it didn't look pretty but I was running!  Mind free while my arms were swinging.  I may even have broken out in a song...I don't remember...I was too busy enjoying the run.

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I'm raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in 2013.  My goal is to raise $2,000 by December.  My planned races are the Toronto Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon, October 20 and the Reggae Marathon, December 7.  Please join me on Facebook at Run for Heart.

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