Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hmmm...maybe this foot cast isn't so bad after all

The TTC...my daily ride
A little old lady offered me her seat on the subway last week.  Then a younger man did the same yesterday.  Wow...people really are nice in Toronto. Thanks for the offer.  But it got me thinking...what if I keep the walking cast on my foot for my daily commute after the injury heals?

What?  Did I just say that out loud?

I'm on the subway and bus each day for a total of about 60 minutes each day.  Yes it's crowded, we are usually packed in like sardines and some days the A/C doesn't work (never have to worry about it being too hot even in the winter!).  For a daily commute in the Greater Toronto Area, it's pretty good and even though I still love driving, the TTC is the best way to get to and from work.

But most day's I'd kill for a seat.  And not just any seat...an aisle seat is premium.  And no middle seats.  Those were not meant for normal size humans so it is never possible to be comfortable squashed on both sides by other commuters.

I'm of two minds.  I'm flattered by the politeness of those offering their seats to someone with a foot injury.  I'm pissed off that they see me as an infirm 'older guy' with a foot injury.  So far I've declined the offers.

But ... I'll be out of the cast by the end of October (I hope) but if I strap the foot cast back on, I wonder if I can get an upgrade when I fly down to Montego Bay for Reggae Marathon this year?

Until next time...
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