Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guh haad an dun: Jamaica at the London 2012 Olympics

Jamaican Olympic Team 2012
"Guh haad an dun".  That's the motto of the Jamaican Olympic Team for the 2012 Olympic Games currently under way in London. "Give it everything you've got"  or "Don't leave anything at the table".  I think you get the drift...

"100% Jamaican".  Sally often asks me if I'm Jamaican or Canadian.  My answer, "It depends..." gets me in trouble every time.  The nice thing is that I can be both.  "It depends...".

"100% Jamaican by Association". that's more like it.  I've never met a person who hasn't become intoxicated by Jamaica once they have met a Jamaican or been to Jamaica. 'Intoxication' may not be the politically correct word but that's what happens the moment you get off the plane.

These and other sayings were produced to support and promote Team Jamaica at the 2012 London Olympic Games. With apologies to the drama in the pool surrounding Michael Phelps searlier this week, the overarching story of the London 2012 Olympic games is Jamaica!  In particular the anticipation building toward the Track and Field events starting Friday.  In the Men's 100M Sprint events over August 4 and 5 it's basically Jamaica vs Jamaica vs Jamaica. This will be "Must See TV" even if you're not a hard-core sprinting fan.  And so you don't miss any of the action, here's the ultimate viewing and online guide:  Ready for the Olympics.

For the first time in a long time Sally and I caught the entire Olympic Opening Ceremony last Friday.  A few things stood out:  James Bond and the Queen (she does have a sense of humour after all), Mr. Bean on the keyboard (ROFL), the Arctic Monkeys doing a Beatles cover (Ballsy) and Paul McCartney closing the show with Hey Jude (he still has it).  In addition I love these images from London 2012  including Reggae Marathon Race Director stylin':  Favourites from London 2012.

Get the Red Stripe and Jerk Chicken ready for the weekend. "Guh haad an dun".

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  1. I agree with a alot of what you said in your article. The funny stuff was good. But Paul was struggling in the beginning,the audience helped him. Du me a beg oonu, send me the photo's and the video as it happen on Fb. We na see the real ting, til the nxt day. GOD BLESS TEAM JAMAICA


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