Saturday, December 3, 2011

Caught lying down after Reggae Marathon 2011

After completing the 10K in the Reggae Marathon this morning and before having my first Red Stripe beer, Gina Harrison of Reggae Marathon caught this picture of me taking a picture of me taking picture of a runner relaxing beside the pile of discarded coconuts.  That's the true story and I'm sticking to it.

It really was a magnificent Reggae Marathon event today in Negril.  As you know by now I had a delay in getting to Negril and only arrived Friday night at 7 pm at the Pasta Party in time to fill up on pasta for Saturday's race.  Both Andrew and Court ran the 1/2 marathon and they had fantastic results!  These boys can run!  They placed 31 and 45th overall in the entire field of 1/2 marathon runners and it's only the second time they have run the distance.  I am tremendously proud of them.  And their good friend Mike who ran the 10K with me also did really well.  Mike, great job.

The best part of the Reggae Marathon is not the coconuts, Red Stripe beer or even the swim in the ocean immediately after the race.  The best part is what the four of us did back at the hotel:  hanging out on lounges 10 feet from the gently beating surf on the white sand of Negril.  Now that's Reggae Marathon.

The absolutely best part of the experience is the result of the Run for Heart campaign:  with the generous donation yesterday, we topped out at $2,050...over the target.  It is simply not possible for me to describe my feelings at the generosity and support that you all showed toward this campaign.  I know I ran the distance in the Toronto 1/2 Marathon and the Reggae Marathon but it was because I was carried on your shoulders.  Thank you.

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