Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The real reason I love running

It's not to loose weight or keep high blood pressure in check although those are the goals that motivated me to start running in the first place.

It's definitely NOT because I look great in tight-fitting spandex...where do those ripples and bulges come from?

And it's definitely not because I am the fastest runner although I keep telling myself that 'I am improving with age'.  But even though I'm not be running any faster, I am running much more comfortably even though the aches and pains take longer to recover from.

It comes down to the simple fact that it is the only time I get any alone time.  For those 30, 40 or 90 minutes I am totally self absorbed with no smart phone, headphones or distractions.  I'm only focused on my breathing and the occasional car that hasn't noticed me running along the side of the road.

I'm scared that it will end one day.  I'm doing my best to keep that day at bay.

Until next time...

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