Monday, January 3, 2011

Jamaican/Canadian or Canadian/Jamaican?

I got to end 2010 with a bang!  Through the Reggae Marathon and Linkedin, I connected with Loretta Green-Williams in San Francisco.  She runs a successful consulting business and hosts a weekly podcast called Sumatra the Bold, Strong and Smooth.  Through our shared Jamaican heritage, interest in social media and the Reggae Marathon, she invited me to share my story on her final show of 2010.

I've never said no to a microphone or an opportunity to share my story and this was no exception.  I had a blast of course and got the opportunity to dive more deeply into the issue that I get asked a lot:  "am I Jamaican/Canadian or Canadian/Jamaican?"  For the answer, you'll just have to tune in: Podcast with Loretta, Dec 31, 2010 

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