Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Training hard for the 10th anniversary of the Reggae Marathon

59 days to go...

If you've been up in Wasaga Beach recently along Shorelane Road, you've seen a man running backward. That was me. Yes it looked silly but I was working on form and speed. Running backward helps with both. If you see me, take a picture.

Next week at the Goodlife Toronto Marathon, I'll find out if all this training paid off.   Forefoot running, faster turnover, arms, breathing...whew, hope I remember it all. No matter the result, I'll have lots to share after.  I has kept the training and running interesting and fun.

This is part of the build up to the main event, the Reggae Marathon on Dec 4 in Negril, Jamaica. 2010 is a special year, the 10th anniversary. It promises to be bigger and better than ever.  Race director, Alfred Francis and his team are jamming now to have everything ready.  We can hardly wait.  For the interview with Alfred, click here:  Interview with Reggae Marathon Race Director, Alfred Francis - Celebrating 10 years (Jamaica)

Until next time...
that running guy

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