Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!! lets get quilting

From Guest Blogger Sally, the latest update on the quilt that she is making for our Heart & Stroke Foundation fundraising this year.


Ok, it's so hot here, EVERYONE has gone to the malls! Really cold A/C (during peak hours)!
I was good: stayed home, went to the (very cool) basement to sew.
Since I finished Michael's birthday quilt, wanted to start working on the "donation" quilt.  Not sure about one of the fabrics though. It looked good at the time, but it seems a little dull now...I may have to reconsider/replace it.  Oh well...

Also, I think I need a higher table, at least counter height.  This bending over while cutting is v. hard on the back.  Sounds like I have some shopping in MY future!  New fabric, higher table.  LOL.

Talk later.  xoxoxo

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