Monday, May 3, 2010

Sally and Tia finished their first 5 km walk for the Heart & Stroke Foundation

That is one happy walker!

At the end of 5 km's last Saturday in Richmond in her first walking event, the Strides for Stroke walk in Richmond Hill, Sally couldn't have been happier.  Tia and I had a blast as well.

A few minutes before at the 4 km walk she asked the question, "Are we there yet?"  I assured her yes and that once she crossed the finish line she would want to do it again...

OK, maybe not this year.  But we have other fund raising activities planned for the rest of this year for our fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. 

Sally didn't walk alone.  Tia and I walked with her.  As you can see though she had a birds eye view of the proceedings.  A real princess that one.

Just before the sky opened up on our way back to the car.  Yes, the rain held off for the entire event.  If she could speak..."Hurry up you two, I'm tired....I want to go home"

Thank you for the donations.  We enjoyed the Strides for Stroke walk and plan to do it again next year.  Maybe we will even run it.

Donations still being accepted for the Heart & Stroke Foundation at our secure donation site:  DONTE TO HEART & STROKE HERE

Until next time...