Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking May 1 for Heart & Stroke

Yes, walking, not running. I'm not sure how I am going to do that but it is the first fund raising event of 2010 for Sally and I and I know I can do it.  The training that's going to be tough.  But it will be worth it to help fight heart disease.

We have an ambitious fund raising goal in 2010 for moralesBcause:  $20,000 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.  We can't get there all at once.  We have 4 events planned so far: 
  1. Reggae Marathon on December 4 in Negril
  2. Toronto 1/2 Marathon on October 17 in Toronto
  3. Becel Ride for Heart on June 6 in Toronto
  4. Our first fund raising event of 2010, walking in Strides for Stroke on May 1 in Richmond Hill. 
Cheering, walking along and donations all welcome.  All for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

Shhhhhh...I have a special request, but please don't tell Sally.  She is worried that I won't walk with her.  That I will find it too slow.  Since this was her idea to participate in this walking event, I have assured her that I will walk with her.  Unfortunately she doesn't believe me.  My request is that you to send her an email with best wishes and telling her not to worry.  I'll walk beside her.  Here's her email address:

And of course you can donate to moralesBcause directly and securely at this link:

Now back to training...May 1 will come quickly and I want to be ready to walk.

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