Monday, November 30, 2009

5 More Sleeps to the Reggae Marathon in Negril

I can't believe we are now at the short strokes!
I planned to spend today (Monday) on business.  It has not gone as planned.
After getting back to my office after a successful presentation to a new client this morning I expected to spend the balance of the day cleaning up loose ends.  But just like an excited child, I got distracted by the race in Negril on Saturday.  So instead of concentrating on business, I decided to organize my running gear.
And I have enough of it!
With the temperature in Negril expected to be in the low 30's (Celsius) by the time the sun breaks, hydration is my major concern.  And although I am probably overdoing it, I plan to carry my own water supply along with special gels created for high heat situations.  At the start I will look like I am heading out across the Sahara!
Better safe than sorry. 
Other 'stuff': 
  • Special Thorlo cushion socks. 
  • Wrist bands
  • Special Running Room cap
  • Extra pair of running shoes
  • Recovery drink mix for after the run
  • Aspirin and other pain killers (not expecting to be in pain, but you never know...)
  • Laptop and power adaptors so I can do updates from Negril
Have I missed anything?  No worries...I have all day Tuesday to think about.
With the butterflies in my stomach already fluttering, those 5 sleeps will fly by very quickly.
Until next time from Jamaica...


  1. Make sure that one of those bottles of water has Electrolytes in it. You'll need to replace those as you sweat them out in that heat! You can actually buy Electrolyte tablets that are easy to chew while you race. Keep us posted! Lucy Todish

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have special 'stuff' for that. Plan to travel with lots of water and hit every water stop.

  3. This is THE DAY ... it is almost 8 am in Wasaga Beach, Canada and your Wasaga Beach Road Runners are thinking of you and sending wishes for "Cool Runnin' Mon". Our 0 degrees Celcius will make us feel spoiled today thinking of what you are contending with. At this time you are part way through your trek and that much closer to achieving your goal. Great Job Chris and enjoy the finish.


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