Wednesday, November 11, 2009

42: Marathon distance and humidex in Negril

What have I done?

I started this madness because I wanted to finish a marathon. Now I have to finish 2 on December 5th in Negril!


I'm getting through it by staying focused on three things: motivation, inspiration and passion. And a ton of growing support from family, friends, business associates and total strangers! Plus, donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association continue to climb. Thank you.

And after much of the year endlessly thinking about and planning for the run in December, I am now only '23 sleeps' away from the start of the race at 5:15 am on Saturday, December 5:
  • Picked up my 'Race shoes' at the Running Room Outlet store in Toronto yesterday. Staying with what has gotten me to this point: Adidas Supernova's. Bought the 'Orange' pair this time. A bit of vanity here: wanted to have the shoes match the Team Diabetes singlet given to me by Dave Foster from Wasaga Beach.
  • Also picked up a new running hat and gel belt. Nutrition important; minimizing the impact of the sun critical.
  • Air tickets booked (Westjet of course to Montego Bay on Dec 2) and confirmed hotel in Negril 300 metres from the start/finish (Foote Prints on the Beach)
  • And I continue training with the best group of runners I have ever met in the Wasaga Beach Road Runners. Mike, Eric, Pete, Jim and all the rest: thank you for keeping me me moving with the emails and Sunday morning training runs.

All good on the motivation front.

And then I had a massive inspiration boost: a very, very generous corporate donation to the Canadian Diabetes Association from Gord West and his entire team at Strongbar Industries.( WOW!

I can't even begin to put into words how that felt. Gord and I have been friends since our family came to Canada in 1972. He and his friends Garth, Greg and Brent accepted me, the funny talking Jamaican with the frizzy hair unconditionally. We have been friends ever since.

Inspiration comes in many ways. At mile 23 on Saturday morning around December 5 around 9 am your generous support will keep me going. And yes, I will have pictures at the finish line.

Through all of this this though, one individual has kept-the-faith. Has kept the passion burning. She has kept me running with her line, "Run Christopher, run". Without her passionate support...often at great personal sacrifice...remember the story of her driving me to the start of the Toronto 1/2 Marathon?...I would not have made it through this year.

Thank you so very much, Sally. I love you very much.

Sally's deep passion has kept me motivated and inspired to keep going when things looked dark and crappy this past winter. "We're we are almost at this finish line".

42 x 2 on December 2. Bring it on!

Until next time...

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