Monday, October 19, 2009

I got high on Sunday

And it only took 2:12:15. That was my time in the Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Started well and finished strong

The high began around the 5 km mark when I crested the uphill grade from Hogg's Hollow. That was one mean hill.
It stayed through the 15 km mark when I realized there were only 8 km to go. But it really intensified as I began the final stretch up University Avenue to the finish at Queens Park.
"HUGE" thanks to all the support from the Wasaga Beach Road Runners. So much training advice on our Sunday morning runs in Wasaga Beach. It all came down to one key thing: I ran MY race. I ran at my pace, didn't get sucked in to following faster runners early on, and had enough to finish really strong.
These shots were taken my #1 Support Person, Sally. She is not a morning person. Let me emphasize that: she is NOT a morning person.
We stayed overnight in Toronto at a fabulous hotel near the airport, Hotel Indigo to minimize the travel Sunday morning. Even with that we still got up at 5 am.
I must rephrase: I got up at 5 am to get the coffee ready.
Without that I shudder to think what the morning would have been like.
But she is a real trooper and actually got into the intensity of the day to take some really great shots.
And did it ever feel good to put this medal on. The feeling is still indescribable.
We had a celebration dinner later Sunday afternoon. Ribs! Pigged out on them actually. And the Guinnes...ahhhh....
Yes, I was still on my runners high.
My focus now turns to the Reggae Marathon on December 5 in Negril. I will run MY race there.
Check out how you can support my fundraising for my cause, Canadian Diabetes education and research.
Until next time...


  1. Chris, congratulations on a fantastic, smart run. And as usual you are able to capture the true feeling in your words. Cheers to the Guinness too. Mike

  2. Chris,
    Best of luck on your training for the Reggae Marathon. I saw your response to the Rickards Bros video of Kanopi House. Feel free to get in touch if you fancy extending your stay after the race and we will sort you on on the rate. Jackie (Mr)

  3. Thanks for the support. Now all I have to do is visualize finishing the 43 km :)


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