Saturday, October 3, 2009

How's the training for the Reggae Marathon going?

It has been cold and rainy in Wasaga Beach for the past week. And the forecast calls for more rain as the temperatures continue to plummet. Not ideal for training for the marathon in Negril where the recent temperatures at the 5:15 am start have been 27 degrees C.

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Lots of water.

I have been doing a lot over the past few weeks to get ready:
  • Mike McCluskey and the Wasaga Beach Road Runners gang are the best training partners. Mike shares his marathon running experience and training advice. I concentrate on speed-work during my weekday runs and leave the Long Slow Distance runs (LSD's) for the weekends. I have reduced the strain and pain in my legs. Join a running group is my advice to anyone who wants to train better.
  • Going for bi-weekly adjustments and massage at my chiropractor. Keeps me well adjusted and reduces the muscle tightness.
  • Lots of water. On my long runs I use a backpack water system. I go through about a liter of water an hour during my long runs.
  • Shedding weight. Sally prepares excellent meals each day. Gluten and dairy-free, tasty and delicious and well balanced. Thank you very much (I know I'm a little heavy with the hot sauce though).
  • Salty snacks and alcohol gone for now. I can feel the difference and improvement each day.
  • Running in the Toronto Half Marathon on October 18. This will be a real-world test. I don't care too much about time, but I will experiment to see how my body reacts. And John Stanton from the Running Room is the finish line announcer. Cool!
  • Running in new Adidas cushion shoes from the Running Room Outlet store in Toronto. Breaking them and if they feel good after the Toronto Half, I'll buy another pair for the Reggae Marathon.
  • Including a rest day each week. Love the effects of the jacuzzi that day.

The biggest training boost comes in a couple of weeks when Sally and I will be in Jamaica for a week long vacation. Going to a 50th wedding anniversary for very close family friends. Yes we are leaving Tia behind with Michael :(.

Ahhh the heat...I'll get in some 'hot' runs. Sally and I will get in a long overdue vacation . We are really looking forward to it.

And finally, donations are coming in at a good clip now for the Canadian Diabetes Association. A big "Thank you" to those who have donated generously so far. We still have some way to go so please generate to the CDA as generously as you can. Here is the link to the down loadable donation form: Please forward this blog link on to everyone you know.

I have also received interest from some local businesses in sponsoring me. Wow! In the upcoming weeks I hope to promote these socially-minded individuals and companies. If you are interested in coming aboard as a sponsor, please leave a comment below or contact me directly at

Until next time...

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