Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Questions I would love to have answered

I will NOT look like this on December 5 around 9 am at the conclusion of the Reggae Marathon in Negril.

That's Mike on the right indulging me in a bit of vanity fun early last Sunday morning as we helped out in the Wasaga Beach 1/2 Marathon as members of the Wasaga Beach Road Runners Great time had by all.

On to what's been bugging me for the past week.

Questions, questions...
  1. How do companies figure that laying off their employees will grow their business?
  2. If this recession is over, why are people still cranky?
  3. Why are our Federal leaders screwing around with election talk? It makes us look silly on the world stage.
  4. On that note, wonder if Obama even knows who Harper is during their 'brief' meeting in Washington? (Long way to go for a 1/2 hour meeting).
  5. Still on politics...Ontario politics this time: why did the government fire the head of OLG for no cause? They had to have known it would go legal.
  6. Whatever happened to Tie Domi of the Leafs?
  7. Will the Leafs win the Stanley cup this year? Oops...sorry about that one.
  8. Will the Buffalo Bills ever win a game this year? Don't even ask about the Detroit Lions.
  9. How does Usain Bolt run so fast?
  10. Can the Argos make the playoffs this year?
  11. Do traffic round-abouts really work? We have our first one in the area near the Blue Mountain ski resort outside of Collingwood. Lots of effort and money for...?
  12. Will Americans ever buy small cars?
  13. Why did GM sell Saturn again? Don't they sell great small cars?
  14. Still on autos: will the 'new' GM ever show they have really changed by showing some humility for the fact that we OWN them?
  15. Why do people ride bicycles on the sidewalk?

Would love your comments...better yet, answers :)

Until next time...

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