Monday, August 24, 2009

How to remain optimistic through this recession

I have no clue!

But I do have some thoughts that came to me this past weekend after I received an email from one of my sons that really moved me emotionally.

He wrote to say, "Thanks for dinner the other night and thanks for everything you have helped me with, guided me through and sometimes just let me do things you may not have agreed with and still you supported me through. It has been a tough year with family and work, but we are getting through it. I am at a loss for words, as you are always the one who provides me with motivating words, but you are the most persistent and hard working person I know".

After a lot of thought over the weekend (including some focused thinking while running this morning), I drafted this response: "Thank you very much for the email. This is what keeps me going. I learned a long, long time ago (around age 10 or so) that there really is no absolute worst thing that can happen to you...if you remember one thing: there are things you can change and there are things you cannot. Spend your time on the things you can change, 'F' the rest. The only things I can affect are my mind and my attitude. Based on that, I can accomplish anything I want. The key is to know what you want (and a secret here, want lots of things, big and small, important and not so important). My final 'bit of wisdom' for a Monday morning...Keep smiling :)"

I am sure that is not the most profound words of wisdom I have ever given, but they work for me. And as another of my son's commented years ago after loosing ugly at a baseball tournament, "...don't worry Dad, we get to play again tomorrow".

Until next time...

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