Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunrise over Southern Georgian Bay...Moving On

Sunrise over Southern Georgian Bay. Taken from the top of Blue Mountain just outside of Collingwood. The craziest coincidence: I posted a story a few months ago about my inspiration for running the Reggae Marathon. (Original post here:
It recalled my hike up to the top of Blue Mountain Peak in Jamaica nearly 40 years ago.


I had fun taking this picture. Other than getting up at 4:30 am...I am an early riser but that really was ridiculous!

But it was worth it! The air was fresh and still; the cloud and rain of the past few days a distant memory.

And not to beat a dead horse about this, but it represented a turning point for me. Someone moved my cheese, I don't care, time to move forward...the Parmesan is just around the next corner. (Thanks Andrew in Wasaga Beach for your comment on the last post)

Now lets move on...

I received some really good news regarding my run in the Reggae Marathon this December 5 in Negril, Jamaica: I have received the support of the Canadian Diabetes Association.


Now I can officially say that my fund raising efforts are "in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association”. Over the next few weeks I'll announce how you can make donations directly, easily and securely to the CDA. I want to raise a lot of money to help find a cure for this disease and I will need your help. Please consider my request and be as generous as you can. I can promise that I will work my butt off to get through the 42 kilometres in Negril this December.

A lot of people have supported and encouraged me so far:
  • Marguerite Orane of the JamDammers Group in Jamaica for moral support. I will need all the water stations on December 5...and the music as loud as you can play it.
  • Mike McCluskey and the Wasaga Beach Road Runers While I have only managed a couple of runs so far, the support and encouragement has been great. "I'll get over this bum knee soon".
  • My kids...all 4 of them for humouring the 'old man'. Thanks Andrew, Court, Holden and Michael.
  • All of you, my friends who have put up with me as I have droned on so far about this project.
  • And most importantly, Sally for putting up with this. Without her this would not be happening. I truly am blessed.

I plan to share some more of the sunrise pictures I took from the top of Blue Mountain. Here is another one.

Until next time...


  1. As you know Chris but cheese in England didn't move but was getting a bit stale and unexciting.
    The Parmesan is definitely here for me in Wasaga Beach with a fantastic new area to live in and a new industry in real estate which I thoroughly enjoy.
    It's a cliche but you only live once.

  2. Thanks Andrew. Actually I stand corrected: it doesn't matter who moved the cheese. It is only necessary to start looking for new cheese. :)


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