Sunday, July 26, 2009

Running on Wasaga Beach Summer 2009

Busted! Sally caught Tia and I recently on Wasaga Beach after a short run to test the recovery of my knees. Unfortunately my knees did not past the test. Staying with easy cycling for now. And no, I do not run with Tia even though she loves to gallop along the beach.
It is hard to be down when we have this to enjoy every day. Sunsets at Wasaga Beach tend to be magnificent even on bad days. That is Collingwood and Blue Mountain in the distance.

Whew! I am going to have to loose a few pounds. Where did that spare tire around my waist come from? Probably contributed to the knee problems...that and staying with running flats too long back in April.
The Wasaga Beach Road Runners club is now officially up and running now. You can check out the site at
I am also pleased to announce that Sally and I have put our money where our mouth is and have signed up as sponsors to promote our Identity Theft Restoration business. You can check us out at
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