Monday, June 15, 2009

Wasaga Beach Road Runners

I put my money where my mouth was last Saturday morning: I presented a cheque to founder Mike McCluskey to become a sponsor of the Wasaga Beach Road Runners club That's Mike on the left with the flashy top from the Boston Marathon...yes, he is a serious runner :).
We decided to support the club for a couple of reasons.
First, I have been a runner for well over 25 years now but have never met a group that I wanted to run with. While I have only been on a couple of the regular Sunday morning runs so far, these guys have not left me in their dust.
I have learned how to run better as well. This will prove invaluable as the training for the Reggae Marathon gets serious over the summer.
The best information so far: pacing and quicker leg turnover. Once I loose a few of the extra pounds I have packed on over the last few years, I expect even more improvement.
And I now have a new toy to aspire to: a Garmin that not only measures heart-rate, but through a satellite link-up records time/distance/pace and too many other things for me to remember. Although it has been a trusty friend, the Timex Triathlon will be retired soon.
The second reason is business-related. With Pre Paid Legal and the Identity Theft Shield , we are passionate on educating people on the dangers of identity theft. Our focus is on the at-risk consumers in the towns and cities along the southern shores of Georgian. Hey...we live in the best part of Ontario, we feel privileged to be able to work here as well.
Bringing these two parts of my life together feels like a perfect fit: we get to help Mike launch and build the club while I train with a great group of people, and we promote our business where we live.
My biggest challenge will be what logos to feature on my running shirts over the summer :)
Until next time...

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