Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mystery behind "the mykals report" Name

It was supposed to allow me to remain anonymous. Obviously that did not work.

Since I began blogging last October, I have been asked numerous times what "the mykals report" stood for. It is a long story that began in 1979 but I will be brief.

At the time I was in my second year in the Broadcasting program at the Doon campus of Conestoga College. I was already working part time as the evening operator (playing the music and commercials for the Announcers) at CKKW and CFCA in Kitchener (now changed to I was also the operator for Don Cameron who was the play-by-by Announcer for the Kitchener Ranger Hockey team broadcasts.

But as much as I enjoyed the job, I desperately wanted to be an on-air 'DJ'. That was the real reason I had gotten into broadcasting school.

I dreamed about being on-air. Talked about it constantly. Drove my fellow schoolmates and friends crazy.

I applied to all the radio stations within a reasonable driving distance from Kitchener...Brantford, Guelph even Hamilton. Created and endlessly updated my demo tape (yes, we used reel-to-reel tape in those days). Finally after months of 'no's, my persistence paid off. I got a call from the Program Director at CJOY in Guelph Would I like the all-night weekend shift and could I start that weekend. Yes and yes!

Dream come true. For less pay and fewer hours but I didn't care, I was going to be a DJ!

But I needed an on-air name. Everybody did it. No one went on-air with their real names. After as much deliberation I could squeeze into the couple of days before I went on-air for the first time, I settled on 'Christopher Michaels". Shortened to 'Chris Michaels'.

A star was born...

OK, it was only Guelph, midnight to 6 am Friday and Saturday nights but I was the DJ! Thank you Gord Field, the Program Director at the time for believing in me.

Back to 'the mykals report' name. I wanted to remain anonymous. "Ahhh I thought...I can resurrect my old on-air name, 'Michaels'".
The blog name, "The Michael's Report" sounded official. Unfortunately it was taken. But never one to give up, I spelled it phonetically..."my-kals". A blog was born.

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while, you know that I stepped out from behind the mask some time ago. More fun that way.

It has been quite the journey over these past few months and as I ramp-up my fund raising efforts with the Reggae Marathon, it is likely to continue evolving.

Until next time...

PS: I wrote about the drive from Kitchener to Guelph in an earlier blog. That Plymouth Valiant sure was a good car
PPS: The picture is of the 1981 Radio and Television Broadcasting Graduating Class. Yes, I am in the picture :)

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